1.1.1 (2017-11-24)

Changes since 1.1.0.post1 (2017-07-11).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes #453: Fix get_tgt_length for m. var in normalizer [f7ec2a7a5037]
  • Fixes #459: fix bug when raising exception on fetch_seq failure [650a97c715dc]
  • Fixes #466: Wrong mapping result of identity variant without ref given (#468)
  • Fixes #464: Make start and end position independent when start and end are equal [682f730bcfdb]

Other Changes

  • Fixes #473: Pin attrs <17.3.0 due to ‘ValueError: Cell is empty’ [0ac8cffd262d]

Internal and Developer Changes

  • tox now tests 2.7, 3.5 and 3.6
  • catch KeyError from SeqFetcher (API change in seqfetcher) [da25364c6607]
  • Invitae Only: Adds a new ncbi dataprovider that has been modeled on the uta dataprovider. (#472) [63b9c4a334eb]